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Hancko representative reveals Atletico is first choice.

Slovakia defender David Hancko has Atletico Madrid as his top choice if the 26-year-old defender leaves Feyenoord-Rotterdam during the transfer window. This summer Branislav Yachurek, representative of Feyenoord Rotterdam’s Slovak national team defender David Hancko, ยูฟ่าเบท revealed that Atletico Madrid is the first choice. A

Arnautovic makes the Dutch duel special.

Austria striker Marko Arnautovic is enjoying his performance at Euro 2024 ahead of his clash with Netherlands this Tuesday Austrian striker Marko Arnautovic, 35, has labelled the game against the Netherlands as a special one for him, having started his career at Twente at a

Pedri enjoys role as number 10 for Spain.

Pedri revealed he is enjoying his role as Spain’s number 10, having been involved in the game. Including having more opportunities to score goals and assist. Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri, 21-year-old midfielder, UFABET has revealed that he is enjoying his role as number 10 for

Leverkusen reject Bayern Munich bid for Tah.

Leverkusen reject Bayern Munich €20m bid for captain and defender Jonathan Tah. Tah, who has been with Leverkusen since 2015, put in a strong performance last season, helping the team win the double championship without losing. And now he is helping the German national team

Alvarez says the champion in our hand.

Julian Alvarez, Manchester City striker, encourages concentration from the teammate before the away game against Brighton when they hold the situation of winning the English Premier League title in their own hands and just want to win 6 match. You don’t have to pay attention

Does avoiding dairy products really help reduce acne?

From the above study, it can be roughly concluded that people who consume dairy products are more likely to have acne than those who rarely consume dairy products. But this depends on other factors as well. Especially physical factors which each person is different including the environment. However, this

Reasons why cucumbers should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Cucumbers are vegetables that are high in moisture. When stored in the refrigerator Cucumbers absorb moisture from the air in the refrigerator. This causes cucumbers to spoil faster. Additionally, the temperature in the refrigerator can cause to lose their flavor and nutritional food value . How to keep