7 types of food you should avoid if you have a cold 

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During this time, who is sick or has been coughing for a long time? First of all, you should immediately see a doctor. And next is taking care of yourself, such as avoiding certain food during the cough period. Because some foods can cause your throat to hurt more than before, wait a bit, wait for the symptoms to improve before eating. Let’s look at what foods we should avoid.

1. Cold drinks

The first is cold water. Because cold is one factor that triggers coughing from food. During the time we have a cold and cough should avoid cold drinks such as cold water and ice cream. สมัคร ufabet

2. Foods that are sweet.

Desserts, soft drinks, fruit juices and all kinds of sweet drinks. This is because dietary sugar increases the risk of inflammation. and infections in the body It makes people who are sick with colds not get better. Or it may become worse during coughing. Therefore, you should temporarily abstain from sweet things.

3. Spicy food

Spicy and high-fat foods are irritating to the throat. and stimulates coughing more


In addition to cooling fruits The fruit is starchy and hard. Things like raw mango, papaya, or bananas can also trigger coughing. Because when you have a cold, your body will already have a very high temperature. Eating those fruits will cause the body to burn a lot of energy, causing heat in the body. and body temperature rises Until it can cause seizures.

5. Milk

Although milk is beneficial to the body But for those who are allergic to protein in milk Avoiding all types of dairy products is very important because dairy products contribute to making mucus thick and sticky to the point of blocking the airway. Until it makes breathing more difficult than before

6. Alcoholic drinks

Because alcohol has a suppressive effect on the body’s immune system and dissolves the medicines we take to treat colds, nasal congestion, or reduce mucus and cough, it also contributes to reducing the effect of the medicine. Therefore, during the period of illness and still being treated for the flu, you should reduce and stop drinking alcohol.

7. Crackers

Especially bread made from white flour. Because even though bread and crackers are easy to eat when you’re sick, and makes you not want to eat anything But white flour can be digested and converted into sugar very quickly. make the body weak Risk of inflammation and may become more infected with various diseases, making existing illnesses more severe If you want to eat bread when you have a cold, it is better to choose whole wheat or whole grain bread.