Hancko representative reveals Atletico is first choice.

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Slovakia defender David Hancko has Atletico Madrid as his top choice if the 26-year-old defender leaves Feyenoord-Rotterdam during the transfer window. This summer

Branislav Yachurek, representative of Feyenoord Rotterdam’s Slovak national team defender David Hancko, ยูฟ่าเบท revealed that Atletico Madrid is the first choice. A 26-year-old defender who is preparing to transfer agencies this summer. According to a report from UFABET last Monday. 

Atletico Madrid plans to improve their defense this summer. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid are in talks with Real Sociedad to sign Robin Le Nordmand and they are also leading the race to sign international defender Hancko. Feyenoord’s Lovakia as well, after the player’s representative revealed that the offer from ‘Los Colchoneros’ was the most interesting.

‘Of all the clubs interested in David Hancko, Atletico Madrid is the first for us. The other proposals are only at the discussion level.’ 

‘At the moment nothing has happened and David likes [the option of playing under El Cholo] but he doesn’t have a release clause. This will make it easier, but the price of 40-50 million euros is too high,’ Jachurek said.

For a Rafa Marín increasingly close to Napoli, there is a David Hancko who instead seems destined to definitively move away from the Azzurri club. The Slovak central defender born in 1997, currently at Feyenoord, is one of the names most appealing to the management, but his destiny does not seem to include Antonio Conte. “Among all the clubs interested in David – revealed his agent Branislav Jašurek to Rtvs Sport – Atletico Madrid is our first choice. At the moment nothing has emerged, but the other offers remain only conversations: David would like to play for Cholo Simeone.” No deal for Napoli, therefore, even though the amount requested by the Dutch club for the player – 40 million euros – remained prohibitive for the Azzurri. Giovanni Manna will therefore turn to other targets, to gift Conte a new steel defense.