Lampard delighted with Raheem second goal despite

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Lampard delighted with Raheem second goal despite failing to beat Forest.

Chelsea interim boss Frank Lampard has heaped praise on England winger Raheem Sterling. Who came back to do well again by scoring 2 goals against Nottingham Forest. Although he could not help the team win. Ending in a 2-2 draw

Sterling has played in a number of positions over the years. Both spearheading the goal, False Nine and standing in front of two forwards, the 28-year-old star is unable to produce all of his performances.

Until the second half, Lampard placed Sterling in the wide position again. Which the former Manchester City star can show things right away, recently hit 2 goals against Forest until he has scored 9 goals this season

Even though he is still far from the top scorer, scoring 31 goals for Manchester City in the 2019/20 season, Sterling has already received praise from the boss. Has good credit since time immemorial? He has been a consistent finisher for both club and country.

“I’m happy for him. This is what we want from the final area of ​​the field. You have to win the game when you have 76 per cent possession. You need a killer on the pitch.

“Play well, get good results, fight for success. make pride. This is what you want to see all the time. And it’s happening with Manchester City.