The media revealed that Manchester United

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Manchester United ignore the signing of two Manchester City players on the advice of Rangnick.

A report from the UFABET News reveals. That Manchester United have misse out on signing two of the top attacking players. Which has now become a new player for Manchester City rival in the Premier League is complete.

Former United manager Ralph Rangnick has advise the board. To move forward with the signing of attacking duo Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez. Before his retirement. In order to prepare for Eric Ten Hag to take over the team in the summer.

“Although the chances of signing Erling Haaland were always distant at the time. Rangnick has ask them to try and open talks with the Norwegian striker over a fee. Tear off the contract which will be able to operate this year.”

Rangnick also stated that Julian Alvarez was a possible attacking option in January. Before City agreed on a price for River Plate. Only 14 million pounds.

“Ten Hag and Rangnick never met face-to-face. But had a long phone conversation at the end of May and then six days later the Dutchman was unveiled as the new manager. Old Trafford and United have confirmed Rangnick’s departure.

Call as the debut field was not very impressive for the new boss of the Red Devils like Eric Ten Hag. Who was beaten by Brighton to pick up 1-2 youngsters in the first half of the game