Pedri enjoys role as number 10 for Spain.

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Pedri revealed he is enjoying his role as Spain’s number 10, having been involved in the game. Including having more opportunities to score goals and assist.

Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri, 21-year-old midfielder, UFABET has revealed that he is enjoying his role as number 10 for the Spanish national team under Luis de la Fuente, according to Ufabet last Monday.

‘Luis de la Fuente believes that the more time I’m in the penalty area, the better,’ Pedri said of his role as No. 10 with the Bulls, where he assisted Fabian Ruiz scored in the 3-0 win over Croatia and he also had several scoring chances in the 1-0 win over Italy.

‘I’m getting closer to the danger zone. Everything I do is more relevant to the game. Of course, they also combined goals and assists.’

‘On the other hand When you’re a little behind You will help move the ball forward. It is true that in today’s football very few coaches use number 10 players.’

‘But there are a lot of players with quality playing there. It’s a position I feel comfortable in. I enjoy it. Because when you catch the ball You will be in a position to face the centre-back, score or provide an assist. It’s amazing.’